Workshop Duration: 3 to 6 Days

It is a very good fundamental experience and skill of constructing letter forms reflecting the understanding of basic visual principles of stroke weights, visual center & proportion, and character width. One also explores in depth, the type & slant of the pen/tool and treatment to strokes, joints & endings, contributing towards characteristics of a style.

This basic experience and skill are then creatively explored to logobility, legibility, and readability required for identity design.

Session 1:
Script Writing: Roman capitals with a quill pen, Rustica capitals with a flat brush and Devanagari letters with reed pen

• A crash refreshing practice of writing the letter forms to establish the understanding and sensitivity to visual principles of stroke weights, visual center & proportion and character structure & width etc.

Session 2:
Letter design in Sans Serif style

• Style exploration with 3 representative letter forms “H,G & N” in any weight & width in upright mode by hand

Session 3:
Letter design for Logotype

• Choose or create an appropriate product/industry/organization  for a style
• Customize/ Design the letterforms for logotype identity
• Critic and refine from relevance, recall, logobility, legibility and readability points.
• Extend it with tagline or logo name if needed, and find the appropriate font and relation/composition with the logotype

Session 4:
Extending Logotype parent identity to sub-identities

• It can be for different departments/industries/business
• It can be for different countries/languages/scripts


3 thoughts on “Workshop

  1. You’re writing very detailed,Pay tribute for your requirements. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept speaking about this. I will forward this informative article to him. Sure he’ll use a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rather delayed confessions: Loved this workshop as Master’s student (IDC, 2009). This workshop was very rewarding and memorable. Thanks to your infectious enthusiasm and energy! So blessed to have learned from you Sir!

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