Type Design


Type Design in Devanagari for Mono Type Corporation, England


Letter Design in Devanagari, Bengali, and Tamil for signage, for International Airport Authority of India


Type Design in Gujarati for Gujarati Type Foundry, Bombay



Type Design in Kannada, for Deccan Herald, Bangalore, Karnataka


Type Design in Malayalam, for Malayalam Manorama, Kottayam, Kerala


Logo Type Design in 14 Indian languages for State Bank of India, Mumbai


Matching Font Design Development Project, NID, Ahmedabad



5 thoughts on “Type Design

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  2. Amit Sheth says:

    mahendrabhai, where can one buy your typefaces for use in design projects?
    would really appreciate if i can learn this information as it is dearly required specially for signage projects. thank you, amit . ( i don’t have your number else i would have called you)

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